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Sustain Capital Campaign


Sustain Capital Campaign

A Mission to Create Sustainable Stewards of Food


As a campaign extension  for the non-profit, Seed Life Skills, led by Chef Hugh Acheson, Sustain hopes to spread the non-profits' customized home economics curriculum across the US, supporting the initiative to make home economics an essential part of any and all school systems. The goal of the Sustain campaign is to take its mission on the road; getting students in the kitchen, learning & testing recipes in hopes of having their curriculum permanently brought into their school. The target audience encompasses the school faculty, students, local chefs, & large food corporations to provide both financial & community involvement. 

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Chelsea Haines


In part of the Sustain initiative on the road to schools, students are taught to pickle and preserve.
As a way to raise money for the schools to fund this curriculum, students are taught to
professionally pickle, preserve and jar vegetables to be sold at local farmers market. 


Donors who donate at a certain level receive a gift of a recipe card + box set.
The students also fill out one card in each set with a recipe that they learned in school. 


Mass Mailer

Poster left behind at schools after each Sustain workshop to promote awareness and increase interest
in bringing the curriculum to schools permanently. Kids who participate are able to contribute to the poster.


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